Best songs for your halloween slideshow

People like to have halloween parties every year. And I think that it will be a good option to use some spooky photos to make a slideshow for your party. Also it will be more fantabulous to add some horrible songs as background music. To make your guests love your parties, Let's do it.

It was quite simple for you to make a good halloween slideshow with the help of Slideshow DVD Creator. You don't need professional background. All you have to do is collect the pictures you wanted to add to the slideshow. For halloween songs, I have prepared several for you. You can pick one of some from the list below:

There's A Ghost In My House - R. Dean Taylor
Devil's Waltz - the Disco Biscuits
Rebel With A Ghost - Sons and Daughters
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Is There A Ghost - Band of Horses
Dead Man's Party – Oingo Boingo
Witch Doctor - David Seville
Halloween on the Barbary Coast - The Flaming Lips
Devil's Right Hand by Johnny Cash
Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra
Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
Witch Doctor - David Seville
This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
Dead Man's Party – Oingo Boingo
Thriller - Michael Jackson
Halloween – Siouxsie & The Banshees
Halloween on the Barbary Coast - The Flaming Lips
Ghoul's Dance - Robert Walsh
Hypnotized - Fleetwood Mac
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
Welcome to My Nightmare - Ronnie James

If you want to download the Slideshow DVD Creator, you can click the button below to get it for free.

Then make your own halloween slideshow. Have fun!

top songs for halloween slideshow
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