How to upload the slideshow you made to Youtube on Mac

Here we will show you how to make a slideshow in easiest way, and then upload it to Youtube. So you can not only share it with your famiies or friends, but also can share with people all over the world. First, we have to make your photos and musics into a slideshow. Then we have to encode it to the video format which supported by the Youtube. Finally, we can upload it. Here we are using the Slideshow DVD Creator. It's the software which can help you make slideshow in minutes, and help you encode the slideshow to mov or mp4 video. These two video formats are both supported by Youtube. Then you can upload it freely.

1. Make your favorites photos and songs into slideshow

After you download and install the Slideshow DVD Creator, you can click the "Images" and "Music"button on the left panel to drag & drop the photos and songs you liked into the software to add them.

add images

add song to slideshow

Shown as above, you can click the name of the songs, then in the pop-up dialogue, you can manage the songs you added. Of course, you can also rearrange the photos. You can do it by drag & drop, and there is the other way to do it, just as below:

arrange photos on mac

Next click the button between photos icon, there will pop up the transition effect dialogue. You can select different transition effect for each photos or apply the same effect to all. At the same time you can set play time for each photo and the transition effect.


change slide time

Until now, the slideshow is almost done. You can click the "Play" button to check it, and make changes.

If you want, you can also set theme for you slideshow, add text to the photos, sync the music and photo or set pan & zoom effect for your slideshow to make it more professional.

2. Encode the slideshow to mov or mp4 video

click “Slideshow DVD Creator’ in the left top of your mac, you can set ouput folder or the format there. Because mov and mp4 are both supported by Youtube, you can select one you like.

video setting

Then click "Share" - "Encode to Movie" on the menu of your Mac, you can set title, description and video size for your mov video:

create video slideshow

3. Upload the slideshow video to Youtube

Besides the video format, there are other things you have to notice before you upload the slideshow video to Youtube. The music you used in slideshow should not be copyright protected, such as the iTunes protected AAC musics. If not, the video will not be allowed to upload. You can get all the information from the Help page of Youtube.

Sign in your Youtube account, and click the "Upload" button on the right top of the Youtube page. Then you can upload your slideshow video.

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