How to make music slideshow using Youtube mp3 music

People are all crazy about Youtube, you can have much fun there by enjoying the videos uploaded by others. Of course, it will be fabulous if we can download the videos to our computer to save our favorites. And it is also a good choice to make your photos into slideshow to enjoy with your family or friends in TV. So here I want to show you how to download the Youtube videos to MP3, so we can add it to slideshow as background music.

So we have two problem to resolve: first is how to download Youtube video to MP3? Second is how to make slideshow, and add music as background music. We will use two softwares to achive the goal, which are Clone2go Video Converter for Mac and Slideshow DVD Creator.

1. Download Youtube videos and convert it to MP3

Clone2go Video Converter for Mac is mainly a converter software, which can convert a lot kinds of video formats. But it also is a Youtube downloader & converter. Let's see how to use it:

The software can be downloaded from : After you install and launch it, you will see the screenshot as below. Click the "Profile" pull-down list, select "MP3 - MPEG Layer - 3 Audio (*.mp3)".

select mp3

Then click the "Youtube" button in the bottom, and a dialogue as below will pop-up. Here you can set the output folder, output format, and add video link. Add the video link to the "Video Link" box, click "+ Add" to add it to the download list. You can add more than one link to the box. Remember to tick the "Add Downloaded Files to Converting List When Download Finished" box. Then when the software download the Youtube videos, you can find them in the left panel of the software shown as above.

download youtube videos

After the software finished download, and add the videos to the coverting list. Click the "Start" button in the left bottom of the software. It will start converting it to MP3. Here we would get the Youtube MP3 music.

2. Add the Youtube MP3 music into the slideshow

Slideshow DVD Creator is a software which can help you create eye-catching slideshow in minutes. Just add the photos into the soft, and select the transition effect and theme for your slideshow, set time for each. And add some text into your photos, you can have your slideshow done.

Please click the "Music" button in the left panel, then folders will appear for you to select. Pick the one which contains the converted Youtube music. Drag & drop it into the software, the MP3 song was added as background music. And you can of course add more than one song into your slideshow. Just click on the name of the songs, you can manage your songs in the pop-up box.

add songs and manage
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